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or af·ter·wards

[ af-ter-werd, ahf- ]


  1. at a later or subsequent time; subsequently.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of afterward1

First recorded before 1000; Middle English; Old English æfterweard, alteration (with -r- of æfter after ) of æfteweard, equivalent to æfte-, æftan aft 1 + -weard -ward

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Example Sentences

The president, meanwhile, continued with happy talk for at least two weeks afterward.

The outcome of this year’s presidential election looks like it won’t be known for days or weeks afterward as we await the counting of mail-in ballots.

From Ozy

The HTA, it turns out, was afterward completed without Murphy’s involvement.

From Vox

What’s more, 3 percent of the people who survived their hospital stay needed more care in a nursing facility afterward.

Orlando knows the pain of mass shootings, and discriminatory sexual orientation guidelines denied victims’ friends and families the opportunity to donate blood afterward.

For many years afterward it was a never-ending topic of conversation, and is more or less talked of even to this day.

Afterward, the graduates posed for pictures with their families.

Afterward, you can actually see her young career flash before her eyes as she makes a kind of puffed up blowfish face.

I vividly recall, that day and the weeks afterward, people groping for a decent way forward.

Now, unsatisfied customers simply have to ask for a refund, and many do, though they are banned from RSD afterward.

It was one of those long moments that makes a fellow draw his breath sharp when he thinks about it afterward.

A few moments afterward he was seen dragging his own trunk ashore, while Mr. Hitchcock finished his story on the boiler deck.

Uric acid is decreased before an attack of gout and increased afterward, but its etiologic relation is still uncertain.

In about two hours afterward the watches and chronometer recommenced going, and the compasses resumed their position.

Deppe gives me the most beautiful music, and never wastes time over things which will be of no use to me afterward.