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[ey-juh n-tiv]
adjective Grammar.
  1. pertaining to, or productive of, a form that indicates an agent or agency.
  2. (in case grammar) pertaining to the semantic role or case of a noun phrase that indicates the volitional or primary causer of the action expressed by a verb.
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  1. an agentive word or suffix.
  2. the agentive case.
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Origin of agentive

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British Dictionary definitions for agentive


agential (eɪˈdʒɛnʃəl)

  1. (in some inflected languages) denoting a case of nouns, etc, indicating the agent described by the verb
  2. (of a speech element) indicating agency``-er'' in ``worker'' is an agentive suffix
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    1. the agentive case
    2. a word or element in the agentive case
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