Also called double tide. Oceanography.
  1. a high tide in which the water rises to a certain level, recedes, then rises again.
  2. a low tide in which the water recedes to a certain level, rises slightly, then recedes again.
(in ancient Roman building) an earthen mound or rampart, especially one having no revetment.

Origin of agger

1350–1400; Middle English: heap, pile < Latin: rubble, mound, rampart, equivalent to ag- ag- + -ger, base of gerere to carry, bring



adjective, noun Informal.

agriculture: ag courses; to major in ag.

Origin of ag

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Historical Examples of agger

  • In some places the agger is above three foot raised from the surface.

  • Behind the custom-house is a fine piece of the Agger and the Porta Viminalis.

    Rambles in Rome

    S. Russell Forbes

  • Passing under the arch, turn to the left, there are some remains of the agger.

    Rambles in Rome

    S. Russell Forbes

  • He asked where the men of Agger were, and Steinar told him what he had done.

    The Wanderer's Necklace

    H. Rider Haggard

  • The next thing that I remember is the coming of the men of Agger.

    The Wanderer's Necklace

    H. Rider Haggard

British Dictionary definitions for agger



an earthwork or mound forming a rampart, esp in a Roman military camp

Word Origin for agger

C14: from Latin agger a heap, from ad- to + gerere to carry, bring



interjection Southern African

an expression of surprise, annoyance, pleasure, etc

sentence connector

an expression used to preface a remark, gain time, etc



the internet domain name for

Antigua and Barbuda


the chemical symbol for


Word Origin for Ag

from Latin argentum


abbreviation for

Adjutant General
Attorney General

Word Origin for AG

(for sense 3) German: joint-stock company
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Word Origin and History for agger



abbreviation of agriculture, attested from 1918, American English.

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agger in Medicine


The symbol for the elementsilver
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agger in Science


The symbol for silver.
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