[ uh-jawr-nuh-men-toh; Italian ahd-jawr-nah-men-taw ]
/ əˌdʒɔr nəˈmɛn toʊ; Italian ɑdˌdʒɔr nɑˈmɛn tɔ /
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noun, plural ag·gior·na·men·ti [uh-jawr-nuh-men-tee; Italian ahd-jawr-nah-men-tee]. /əˌdʒɔr nəˈmɛn ti; Italian ɑdˌdʒɔr nɑˈmɛn ti/.

the act of bringing something up to date to meet current needs.



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Origin of aggiornamento

First recorded in 1960–65; from Italian, equivalent to aggiorna(re) “to revise, update,” equivalent to ag- verbal prefix + -giornare, verbal derivative of giorno “day” + -mento noun suffix. See ad-, adjourn,-ment
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British Dictionary definitions for aggiornamento

/ Italian (addʒornaˈmɛnto) /

noun plural -ti (-ti)

RC Church the process of bringing up to date methods, ideas, etc
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