[ an-yuh-lot-ee; Italian ah-nyaw-lawt-tee ]
/ ˌæn yəˈlɒt i; Italian ˌɑ nyɔˈlɔt ti /
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noun (used with a singular or plural verb)Italian Cooking.

a dish of small pasta shaped like half moons and usually filled with tortellini stuffing: boiled and served in broth or with a sauce.



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Origin of agnolotti

<Italian: filled disc-shaped or rectangular pasta, plural of agnolotto, agnellotto, probably alteration of *anegliotto, variant of anellotto, equivalent to anell(o) ring (<Latin ānellus, diminutive of ānus ring) + -otto noun suffix, here perhaps with diminutive force; -o- internally may reflect Upper Italian form such as Pavia dialect agnulòt
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