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[ah-grey-mahnt; French a-grey-mahn]
noun, plural a·gré·ments [ah-grey-mahnts; French a-grey-mahn] /ˌɑ greɪˈmɑnts; French a greɪˈmɑ̃/.
  1. Music. ornament(def 9).
  2. agréments. Also a·gré·mens [a-grey-mahn] /a greɪˈmɑ̃/. agreeable qualities or circumstances.
  3. the official approval by a government of a proposed envoy from a foreign government.
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Origin of agrément

1705–15; < French: literally, pleasure; see agreement
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Historical Examples

  • I want nothing in the world but what is honest, so make the agrement as you like, and I'll bide by it.

    Chambers's Edinburgh Journal, No. 456


British Dictionary definitions for agrement


    1. formal approval for a construction project to proceed
    2. (as modifier)an agrément certificate
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Word Origin

C20: French, literally: agreement
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