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[ uh-ground ]


  1. on or into the ground; in a stranded condition or state:

    The ship ran aground.


/ əˈɡraʊnd /


  1. postpositive on or onto the ground or bottom, as in shallow water
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Word History and Origins

Origin of aground1

1250–1300; Middle English. See a- 1, ground 1
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Example Sentences

Left-wing populists such as Hugo Chávez in Venezuela centralized many aspects of the national economy, and other reforms ran aground because of labor opposition, corruption and other deep-rooted institutional problems.

This mammoth symbol of the hubris of capitalism, ran aground by a windy day — like a modern-day Titanic, if all the passengers were giant metal boxes, no one died, and everyone was on Twitter.

From Vox

As a ship’s captain, I almost went aground in the Great Bitter Lake, as the Suez is called, after a couple of bad navigational decisions on my part, but, fortunately, my navigator saved my career with some good advice.

From Time

The giant vessel is afloat again after running aground in the Suez Canal last week, but it’s unclear how quickly the waterway will be completely unclogged.

From Quartz

Typically, Suez-based pilots guide the ship through the narrow passage, and the management company has said that two pilots were on board when the boat ran aground.

I have covered the Costa Concordia since it ran aground in 2012, and I have covered many migrant shipwrecks in Italy, too.

In May 1596, his expedition ran aground on the northern edge of Nova Zembla, and his ship was destroyed by moving glaciers.

Those who like to point out consistent themes also run aground.

Hillary Clinton's campaign ran aground on the shallow shoals of "electability," and now Romney's yacht has done the same.

Just weeks after the Costa Concordia ran aground, a liner with the same company stalled out in the pirate-infested Indian Ocean.

The big sloop, hard aground and full of iron ballast, was not a thing to be moved easily.

Some of the wherrymen will say that they could not put their craft aground if they would while sailing sideways along the mud.

She also got aground on a mud bank near the Jersey shore and at noon blew up.

That may be because some one ran aground sometime on the sand-bar off the end, and thought it deceitful.

On June 9, while engaged in a chase, the Gaspee ran aground, and on the night of the 10th was boarded by eight boat-loads of men.


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