/ ˈeɪdən /


  1. Aidan, Saint651MIrishRELIGION: saintRELIGION: missionary Saint. died 651 ad , Irish missionary in Northumbria, who founded the monastery at Lindisfarne (635). Feast day: Aug 31

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Example Sentences

Early on, Sarah asks Aidan, “When did this relationship became solely about me supporting your dream?”

Sarah supports the family with her public-service job while Aidan “pursues” his “dream.”

His son, Aidan, is a Rhodes Scholar poised to provide further proof as a computer scientist.

As the kids then bolted for safety, 6-year-old Aidan Licata paused to hold the door for a little girl.

So where Tony and Thorne and Aidan are could best be described as on shore waiting for me to come back.

Aidan built a monastery at Lindisfarne, and peopled it with monks from Iona.

Aidan was the glory of his age, and died in 651, and his relics long worked miracles.

One day he gave an excellent horse to Bishop Aidan, so that the latter might cross rivers and perform journeys in his diocese.

Here he had made friends with the ecclesiastic Aidan, who became his staunch supporter.

Aidan had been succeeded at Lindisfarne by Finnan, owing to whose influence discussion was checked for the time being.





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