[ ey-lan-thuh s ]
/ eɪˈlæn θəs /

noun, plural ai·lan·thus·es.

any tree belonging to the genus Ailanthus, of the quassia family, especially A. altissima, widely grown in cities.

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Origin of ailanthus

1788; < New Latin Ailantus, Ailanthus (th by association with Greek ánthos flower) < Central Moluccan ai lanit(o), ai lanit(e), equivalent to ai tree, wood + lanit sky + -o, -e a definite article

Related formsai·lan·thic, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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/ (eɪˈlænθəs) /

noun plural -thuses

an E Asian simaroubaceous deciduous tree, Ailanthus altissima, planted in Europe and North America, having pinnate leaves, small greenish flowers, and winged fruitsAlso called: tree of heaven

Word Origin for ailanthus

C19: New Latin, from native name (in Amboina) ai lanto tree (of) the gods

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Word Origin and History for ailanthus



"tree of heaven," 1807, Modern Latin, from Amboyna (Malay) ailanto "tree of the gods;" spelling altered by influence of Greek anthos "flower" (see anther).

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