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[ ey-ling ]


  1. sickly; unwell.
  2. unsound or troubled:

    a financially ailing corporation.


/ ˈeɪlɪŋ /


  1. unwell or unsuccessful

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Word History and Origins

Origin of ailing1

First recorded in 1590–1600; ail + -ing 2
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Example Sentences

This is the story of Annie Wilkins, aging, ailing, and alone, and the audacious cross-country ride she decides to take on a horse she’d just purchased.

When she becomes the companion of an ailing 14-year-old girl, Klara puts her observations of the world to the test.

From Time

You see an ailing man on the side of the road who desperately flags you down, waving his arms like Rogelio did to get Lenihan’s attention.

Just the opportunity to be the flawed adult child of a flawed and ailing father, the person there to hold his hand when he’s scared.

Stock prices have soared for months in defiance of an ailing, pandemic-wrecked economy.

They were presumably brought down and sacrificed in ATM to help garner favor for a possibly ailing community.

And the rising star still standing just might be in the best position to offer some elixir to our deeply ailing political system.

He was, however, also caught up in the tumult of his ailing marriage to Ava Gardner.

He was wonderful, with Laura Linney, as a burdened brother and sister looking after an ailing parent in The Savages (2007).

Boosting spending and undoing a chunk of the sequester is likely to have a bigger impact on the still-ailing job market.

There was nothing wonderful about that, for Dick had heard quite recently that he was an ailing man, and not likely to live long.

Strange to say it did not take her by surprise; she told me that the girl had been ailing for several years.

He had been ailing for several weeks; as his son had remarked, his handwriting had been the first symptom of the breakdown.

He came home to find his father ailing, and on 2nd December 1469, Piero de' Medici died.

Philosophers and men of letters, when they are ailing, meet with no such pleasant attentions nowadays!


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