verb (used with object)

to place in or confine to an air lock: to air-lock divers before they descend.

Origin of air-lock

First recorded in 1855–60

air lock


Civil Engineering. an airtight chamber permitting passage to or from a space, as in a caisson, in which the air is kept under pressure.
the impedance in the functioning of a pump or a system of piping caused by the presence of an air bubble; vapor lock.

Origin of air lock

First recorded in 1855–60 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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Historical Examples of air-lock

  • "Get over to that air-lock phone and say just what I tell you to," ordered Winford grimly.

    The Space Rover

    Edwin K. Sloat

  • Yet again he saw the set features, the final walk into the air-lock.

    The Space Rover

    Edwin K. Sloat

  • Within a minute the men crowded into the air-lock, and shut the outer portal.

    The Space Rover

    Edwin K. Sloat

  • You, Nizzo and Ragna, enter the air-lock with Jarl so that if he misses, you can pull him back.

    The Space Rover

    Edwin K. Sloat

  • He saw the corner of some object that had been put down on the air-lock floor.

    The Aliens

    Murray Leinster