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  1. the rump bone, as of beef.
  2. the cut of beef that includes this bone.
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Also edgebone.

Origin of aitchbone

1480–90; earlier hach-boon (with spurious h-); (h)ach variant by misdivision as an (h)ach(e) of a nache rump < Middle French < Vulgar Latin *natica, feminine of *naticus of the rump, equivalent to Latin nati(s) rump, nates + -cus adj. suffix
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British Dictionary definitions for aitchbone


  1. the rump bone or floor of the pelvis in cattle
  2. a cut of beef from or including the rump bone
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Word Origin

C15 hach-boon, altered from earlier nache-bone, nage-bone (a nache mistaken for an ache, an aitch; compare adder 1); nache buttock, via Old French from Late Latin natica, from Latin natis buttock
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