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[ee-jahy-nuh, ih-jee-]
  1. Classical Mythology. a daughter of Asopus and Metope who was abducted by Zeus and bore him a son, Aeacus.
  2. Gulf of. Saronic Gulf.
  3. an island in the Saronic Gulf. 32 sq. mi. (83 sq. km).
  4. a seaport on this island.
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Modern Greek Aí·yi·na [e-yee-nah] /ˈɛ yi nɑ/ (for defs 2–4).
Related formsAe·gi·ne·tan [ee-juh-neet-n] /ˌi dʒəˈnit n/, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for aíyina


  1. transliteration of the Modern Greek name for Aegina
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  1. an island in the Aegean Sea, in the Saronic Gulf. Area: 85 sq km (33 sq miles)
  2. a town on the coast of this island: a city-state of ancient Greece
  3. Gulf of Aegina another name for Saronic Gulf
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Greek name: Aiyina
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