[ ey-kinz ]


  1. Zo·ë [zoh, -ee], 1886–1958, U.S. playwright.

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Example Sentences

Perhaps small galaxies are merging with A1689-zD1 and flinging gas farther out where it cools, Akins said.

The hot gas showed a larger overall movement than the cold gas, which implies it’s being pushed from A1689-zD1’s center to its outer regions, Akins said at the news conference.

And they make the Akins and Bachmanns of the world seem reasonable.

And they make the Todd Akins and Michele Bachmanns of the world seem reasonable by comparison.

"No more Todd Akins" would be a good first step for any Republican reform project.

Lulli herself has remained mum on the issue, and either way, the Akins appear to have plenty of fans.

At her instance, Akins and another resident freeholder had already signed the bond when Dan arrived.

At the bank Akins gave them the directors' room, and Andrew Kelton's papers were produced from his box in the safety vault.

Mr. Akins returned the papers to the safety box, and when Mrs. Owen and Harwood were alone, she closed the door carefully.

Mr. Akins, the editor of the Nova Scotia Archives, leans to the other side, so that the two collections supplement each other.

Mr. Akins has been for some months at the superintendence of the work, helped by a very industrious assistant, Mr. James Farquhar.





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