/ (əˈlænə) /

  1. Irish my child: used as a term of address or endearment

Origin of alannah

from Irish Gaelic a leanbh

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How to use alannah in a sentence

  • "Listen while I tell ye, alannah," said Paddy, coming to an anchor on my camp-bed.

    Yule Logs | Various
  • And when that time comes, Kitty 'alannah,' will you ever renumber yer ould grandfather, who won't be to 'the fore' to see it?

    Luttrell Of Arran | Charles James Lever
  • Speak to the doctor, Jimmy alannah, and tell him the way you are.

    Lady Bountiful | George A. Birmingham
  • Dick Haldane, me darlint, hind the colonel the loan of yer arrum, alannah.

    The Ghost Ship | John C. Hutcheson