[ al-bey-nee-uhn, -beyn-yuhn, awl- ]


  1. pertaining to Albania, its inhabitants, or their language.


  1. a native or inhabitant of Albania or Albany, N.Y.
  2. the Indo-European language spoken in Albania and adjacent areas.
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Word History and Origins

Origin of Albanian1

First recorded in 1590–1600; Albani(a) + -an
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Example Sentences

Because they also found in that book of accounts that were tied to supporting members of the Albanian government.

Breaking the Language BarrierAs an ethnic Albanian, Qëndron Kastrati, the mayor of Kamenica, Kosovo, doesn’t speak much Serbian.

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The vast majority of Kosovars are Albanian, following violent conflict in the late 1990s that prompted many Serbs to leave.

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In search of the authentic Shkreli, Hodge even travels to the Albanian town of Shkrel, whose inhabitants all assume its name, and who profess to the director that they’re proud of Shkreli for his accomplishments in America.

Into the void steps Dua Lipa, the English-Albanian singer who for years has steadily been building an unimpeachable set of musical and visual aesthetics that position her as pop’s new center.

From Time

But tenacious Albanian partisans kept reinserting the claim.

Before the elections in June, an Albanian man was stabbed with a sword in broad daylight.

The Streets of Tirana Kevin Heldman, Capital New York An investigation into the heart of Albanian-American organized crime.

The Albanian government banned The Palace of Dreams soon after its 1980 publication.

Petulla, the Albanian version of fried dough, was a childhood favorite of Petrit Husenaj.

Thus they brought upon themselves a needless Albanian revolt, and saw much of their prestige vanish in it.

I will sing you an Albanian song,' cried Lord Byron; 'now be sentimental, and give me all your attention.'

Albanian: pertaining to Albania, a province of western Turkey.

The English consul was an old Albanian gentleman with delightful manners.

An Albanian, who spoke Serb, told us to come in and have coffee.