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[al-kahy-dee; Spanish ahl-kahy-th e]
noun, plural al·cay·des [al-kahy-deez; Spanish ahl-kahy-th es] /ælˈkaɪ diz; Spanish ɑlˈkaɪ ðɛs/.
  1. alcaide.
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or al·cay·de

[al-kahy-dee; Spanish ahl-kahy-th e]
noun, plural al·cai·des [al-kahy-deez; Spanish ahl-kahy-th es] /ælˈkaɪ diz; Spanish ɑlˈkaɪ ðɛs/. (in Spain, Portugal, Southwestern U.S., etc.)
  1. a commander of a fortress.
  2. a jailer; the warden of a prison.
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Origin of alcaide

1495–1505; < Spanish < Arabic al-qā'id the leader
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Historical Examples

  • But this brought him a visit from the alcayde, who commanded him to "forbear that noise."

    The Spanish Brothers

    Deborah Alcock

  • The Alcayde set a watch for them, which was discovered, and the Jew escaped.

  • I am a daughter of that prison, my father was alcayde, and my son might hope to be so, were he not a fool.

    The Bible in Spain

    George Borrow

  • “Your worship is right,” said the alcayde with a bow, but in a low voice.

    The Bible in Spain

    George Borrow

  • The alcayde was on the battlements of his castle, surrounded by his knights.

British Dictionary definitions for alcayde


noun (in Spain and Spanish America)
  1. the commander of a fortress or castle
  2. the governor of a prison
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Word Origin

C16: from Spanish, from Arabic al-qā'id the captain, commander, from qād to give orders
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