[ alk-mee-uhn ]

nounClassical Mythology.
  1. a son of Amphiaraus and Eriphyle who commanded the second expedition against Thebes. He killed his mother for sending his father to certain death and was driven mad by the Furies.

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How to use Alcmaeon in a sentence

  • Alcmaeon, the head, for that is the commanding and the principal part of the body.

  • The first Greek anatomist, however, who is recognized as such, is said to have been Alcmaeon.

  • Alcmaeon believes that the principal part of the soul, residing in the brain, draws to itself odors by respiration.

  • Alcmaeon says that a moist warmth in the tongue, joined with the softness of it, gives the difference of taste.

  • One member of the Crotonian school, Alcmaeon, achieved great distinction in both anatomy and physiology.