[ ah-le-sahn-dree ]
/ ˌɑ lɛˈsɑn dri /


Jor·ge [hawr-he], /ˈhɔr hɛ/, 1896–1986, Chilean engineer and statesman: president 1958–64.
Ar·tu·ro [ahr-too-raw], /ɑrˈtu rɔ/, 1868–1950, Chilean lawyer and statesman: president 1920–24, 1925, 1932–38.

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  • Alessandri has likewise shown that the larv cause intestinal lesions.

    Handbook of Medical Entomology|William Albert Riley
  • My best thanks are due to Professor Alessandri for giving me every assistance in my researches.

    The Care of Books|John Willis Clark