[ al-fil-uh-ree-uh ]
/ ælˌfɪl əˈri ə /
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a European plant, Erodium cicutarium, of the geranium family, grown for forage in the U.S.



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Also called pin clover.

Origin of alfilaria

1865–70, Americanism;<Spanish alfilerillo, equivalent to alfiler pin (<Arabic al-khilāl the pin) + -illo diminutive suffix
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  • In winter, the ground was thickly covered with burr-clover and the poetically-named alfilaria.

  • There had been many winter snows and spring rains, so that the alfilaria covered the hills with a carpet of grass.

    Mavericks|William MacLeod Raine
  • The Geranium, like the Alfilaria, has a fruit resembling the long beak of the crane or stork.

  • The cow was mooing reproachfully in a cropped circle of musky alfilaria behind the shed.

    Stories of the Foot-hills|Margaret Collier Graham

British Dictionary definitions for alfilaria



/ (ˌælfɪˈlɛərɪə) /


a geraniaceous plant, Erodium cicutarium, native to Europe, with finely divided leaves and small pink or purplish flowers. It is widely naturalized in North America and is used as fodderAlso called: pin clover
via American Spanish from Spanish alfilerillo, from alfiler pin, from Arabic al-khilāl the thorn
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