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  1. Saint,died a.d. c67, a missionary and apostle to the gentiles: author of several of the Epistles.Compare Saul(def 2).
  2. Alice,1885–1977, U.S. women's-rights activist.
  3. Elliot (Harold),1891–1958, U.S. novelist.
  4. Jean [zhahn] /ʒɑ̃/, pen name of Jean Paul Friedrich Richter.
  5. a male given name: from a Latin word meaning “little”. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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  1. Saint. Also called: Paul the Apostle, Saul of Tarsus. original name Saul. died ?67 ad, one of the first Christian missionaries to the Gentiles, who died a martyr in Rome. Until his revelatory conversion he had assisted in persecuting the Christians. He wrote many of the Epistles in the New Testament. Feast day: June 29Related adjective: Pauline
  2. Jean. See Jean Paul
  3. Les, real name Lester Polfuss. 1915–2009, US guitarist: creator of the solid-body electric guitar and pioneer in multitrack recording
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masc. proper name, Biblical name of the apostle to the Gentiles, from Latin Paulum (nominative Paulus), Roman surname of the Aemilian gens, literally "small," from PIE *pau-ro-lo-, from base *pau- (1) "few, little" (see few). Cf. Old French Pol, Italian Paolo, Spanish Pablo, Russian Pavel.

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Ancient Christian preacher and teacher; along with the Apostle Peter, one of the foremost leaders of the early Christian Church. Paul, originally called Saul, was at first an enemy and persecutor of the early Christians. As he rode to Damascus one day, seeking to suppress the Christians there, a strong light from heaven blinded him, and God spoke to him; after this experience, Saul became a Christian. Going by the Greek name Paul, he spent the rest of his life bringing the gospel to the peoples of the ancient world. The New Testament includes his many epistles (letters) to the early Christian communities.

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see rob Peter to pay Paul.

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