[ duh-mas-kuhs ]
/ dəˈmæs kəs /
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a city in and the capital of Syria, in the SW part: reputed to be the oldest continuously existing city in the world.
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French Damas.
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British Dictionary definitions for Damascus

/ (dəˈmɑːskəs, -ˈmæs-) /

the capital of Syria, in the southwest: reputedly the oldest city in the world, having been inhabited continuously since before 2000 bc Pop: 2 317 000 (2005 est)Arabic names: Dimashq, Esh Sham (ɛʃ ʃæm)
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Cultural definitions for Damascus (1 of 2)


An ancient city in Syria (and still its capital today). The Apostle Paul, then an official called Saul, was on his way from Jerusalem (see also Jerusalem) to Damascus to arrest Christians (see also Christian). He underwent a dramatic conversion on the road, in which he fell from his horse, saw a dazzling light, and “heard a voice saying unto him, ‘Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? ... I am Jesus, whom thou persecutest.’”

notes for Damascus

The “road to Damascus” is an image for a sudden turning point in a person's life.

Cultural definitions for Damascus (2 of 2)


Capital of Syria and largest city in the country, located in southwestern Syria; the country's administrative, financial, and communications center.

notes for Damascus

Inhabited since prehistoric times, Damascus is widely regarded as the world's oldest city.
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