[ uh-lish-uh, uh-lish-ee-uh, uh-lee-shuh, -shee-uh ]


  1. a first name, form of Alice.

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Example Sentences

Ackie anchors the episode, which tracks Alicia’s attempts to conceive via in vitro fertilization.

But, as Ackie pointed out in a recent interview with The Washington Post, there are also moments of levity throughout Alicia’s journey.

Plus, Sharon has a down payment on this grandchild, so Alicia can’t give up and waste her mother’s money.

While happy in his marriage to Alicia, the Baron sighs for a little more fun in his life.

When Alicia explains that the Baron is away on a secret diplomatic mission, Lady Grillyer quickly concludes that something fishy is going on.

Jason Berry received a 1992 Alicia Patterson Fellowship for his coverage of demagogues in Louisiana.

Eli says something very interesting during his conversation with Alicia: “They [voters] want people who are open-minded.”

At the very least, Alicia needs to position herself as a searcher, like her husband.

All religions condemn lying, but Alicia Florrick likely will not be elected if she runs as an atheist.

Because of this, no one on her campaign staff will let Alicia run on a platform of truth.

The adventure had surprisingly followed upon the discovery that Alicia had been quite wrong.

The girl's eyes grew wider still during the instant she fixed them upon Alicia in the effort of complete understanding.

"Such niminy piminy things," said Alicia, contradicting the light of satisfaction in her eyes.

Lindsay looked instantly, curiously, in the same direction, and Alicia was aware that he also saw.

Alicia made an effort, odd and impossible enough, to postpone her impressions, even her emotions.





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