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[ uh-lahynd ]


  1. arranged in a straight line:

    The perfectly aligned rows of rubber trees looked like the giant formal garden of an English lord’s manor.

  2. arranged in a specified way:

    The term “desktop” typically refers to a computer with a vertically aligned computer case containing the system’s hardware components.

  3. adjusted or synchronized for coordinated functioning; in alignment:

    Research has shown that properly aligned tires can save up to 4% on fuel consumption.

    The pain may be caused by overuse, injury, excess weight, or an improperly aligned kneecap.

  4. associated or affiliated with a particular group, cause, or ideology:

    You can meaningfully communicate your company’s values by donating a portion of your proceeds to an aligned nonprofit organization.

    The position requires a doctorate in Public Health or an earned doctorate in a closely aligned discipline.

  5. systematically coordinated:

    We will work with your business to identify and manage a strategically aligned portfolio of projects.

  6. (of stars) in an astrologically significant position:

    The book captures the highest point of the team’s franchise—the 1982 season—and the aligned stars which made it possible.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of align ( def ).

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  • un·a·ligned adjective

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Example Sentences

At the same time, Supernatural’s omnipresent American heartland aesthetic wasn’t exactly easy to align with its weird fangirl demographic.

From Vox

What’s also interesting with ESG is that there are opportunities to buy “bad” stocks that have material aspects of their business model aligned with ethical considerations.

From Fortune

These investments include risk and benefits that don’t necessarily align perfectly with industry titans.

Publishers’ e-commerce operations have to be run in “unique ways that align with the values of their brands and shows that they know what their audiences want,” he said.

From Digiday

It’s known for aligning itself with the Occupy Wall Street protests and briefly taking down the New York Stock Exchange’s website.

Assad-affiliated Christian militias skirt around the territory of rival groups aligned with the YPG.

ISIS and the Nusra Front were once aligned under the al Qaeda banner but have been bitter rivals over the past year.

Generally, the foreigner is a class of person often aligned with other vulnerable populations like widows and orphans.

The Barzeh truce sparked outrage from commentators aligned with the opposition, who viewed it as little more than capitulation.

There was far less sense that military rank was aligned with social rank.

On the 6th the sky was still overcast, but a lucky peep at noon aligned us on the exact latitude of the depot.

We have never aligned ourselves with either Argo or Hama, but rise in the sexless swell of the ocean.

The three women aligned themselves in profile along the rail as if they were seated on unseen horses.

Deveny saw Colver and Rogers among those who had aligned themselves with Harlan.

It was not easy to understand how the beam had been kept perfectly aligned while it was picked up and squeaked at.


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