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[ al-kuh-lahyn, -lin ]


, Chemistry.
  1. of or like an alkali.
  2. containing an alkali.
  3. having the properties of an alkali.
  4. having a pH value greater than 7. Compare acid ( def 5c ).


/ ˈælkəˌlaɪn /


  1. having the properties of or containing an alkali
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/ ălkə-lĭn,-līn′ /

  1. Capable of neutralizing an acid. Bases are alkaline.
  2. Relating to an alkali compound.
  3. Having a pH greater than 7.
  4. Having a relatively low concentration of hydrogen ions.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of alkaline1

First recorded in 1670–80; alkal(i) + -ine 1
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Example Sentences

The answer, it seems, involves getting rid of the alkaline electrolyte that gave the batteries their name.

These lakes provide diverse habitats ranging from the freshwater lakes of Naivasha and Baringo to the semi-saline Lake Turkana, the saline alkaline lakes of Magadi, Elmentaita, Nakuru, and Bogoria, and the transient Lake Logipi.

From Quartz

A chemical reaction between water and rock at sites like Lost City makes the water coming out of vents more alkaline than the water in the ocean, which has a higher concentration of positively charged hydrogen ions.

One end of a plastic tube pokes through the narrow end of the bottle, connected to a steady supply of a basic, or alkaline, solution just like a vent.

When Barge and colleagues injected an alkaline vent solution containing RNA nucleotides into an ocean-simulating bottle, individual RNA nucleotides linked up into short chains.

But California medicine will always be California medicine and people who want to be more alkaline will find a way.

Things on the other side of the ledger, at a pH above 7, are alkaline (also called “basic” as in acid-base).

Clearly this is not identical to the Organic Liaison supplement, as vinegar is acid, not alkaline.

Individual samples may be slightly alkaline, especially after a full meal.

The reaction of human milk is slightly alkaline; of cow's, neutral or slightly acid.

It has the odour of thyme, is sparingly soluble in water, but very soluble in alcohol, ether and in alkaline solutions.

The clear, colorless distillate had an alkaline reaction, and an odor resembling henbane or hemlock.

The alkaline solution reduced Fehling solution and ammoniacal silver nitrate, indicating the presence of a sugar.


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