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Origin of all-right

First recorded in 1815–25

all right

  1. yes; very well; OK: All right, I'll go with you.
  2. (used as an interrogative or interrogative tag) OK?; do you agree?: We'll deal with this problem tomorrow, all right?
  3. satisfactorily; acceptably: His work is coming along all right.
  4. without fail; certainly: You'll hear about this, all right!
  1. safe; sound: Are you all right?
  2. satisfactory; acceptable: His performance was all right, but I've seen better.
  3. Informal. reliable; good: That fellow is all right.
  1. (a) bit of all right, British. quite satisfactory (used as an understatement): The way he saved that child's life was a bit of all right.

Origin of all right

1100–50; orig. adv. phrase; compare Middle English al ri(g)ht indeed, straightway, at once, late Old English eall riht just (as)
Can be confusedall right alright (see usage note at alright)

Usage note

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adequately, kosher, hunky-dory

Examples from the Web for all-right

Historical Examples of all-right

  • There was none of that sure, all-right look of the Americans about her.

    Hungry Hearts

    Anzia Yezierska

  • "You're an all-right young woman," Big Belt managed to remark.

    Red Fleece

    Will Levington Comfort

  • So he began to help; and then, when he found that this be all-right, he try to move them all alone.


    Bram Stoker

  • You see, he'd bite Trevor all-right, wharas I has to diet myself, and my menu is sort of complete.

    A Man in the Open

    Roger Pocock

  • All-right; I weel mak' you run de buffalo, shoot dose elk, trap de castor, an you shall shake de han' wid de grizzly bear.

British Dictionary definitions for all-right

all right

adjective (postpositive except in slang use)
  1. adequate; satisfactory
  2. unharmed; safe
  3. all-right US slang
    1. acceptablean all-right book
    2. reliablean all-right guy
sentence substitute
  1. very well: used to express assent
  1. satisfactorily; adequatelythe car goes all right
  2. without doubthe's a bad one, all right
Also: alright


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Idioms and Phrases with all-right

all right


Completely correct, as in You have a perfect score—your answers are all right. (It could just as well be put as “all your answers are right.”)


In proper or working order, in a satisfactory way, as in The engine is running all right now. [Late 1800s] Also see turn out all right.


In good health, as in John had the flu, but he's all right now. [Early 1900s]


Not injured, safe, as in It was just a minor accident and everyone is all right. [Early 1900s]


Very well, yes, as in Do you want to leave now?—All right, or All right, we'll stay home. [First half of 1800s] Also see all right with you.


Certainly, without a doubt, as in It's late all right, but it will probably come today. [Mid-1800s]


Hurrah! Good for you, as in All right! your team has done it again! [Slang; mid-1900s]


Also, all-right. Good, satisfactory. For example, This restaurant is all right, or Harry is an all-right guy. [Slang; mid-1900s]

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