all the

  1. The entire amount of, as in These cousins were all the family he had . In this usage all the is short for all of the . [Ninth century a.d. ]

  2. Even, more so, as in Painting the room white will make it all the lighter , or They liked her all the better for not pretending , or You don't care for dessert? Good, all the more for us . Used to underscore a comparison, this idiom was used by Shakespeare in As You Like It (1:2): “All the better; we shall be the more marketable.” [Late 1500s] For a synonym, see so much the .

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Example Sentences

But once EV-68 fizzles out, surely something new will fill its place in the rabid 24-hour all-crisis-all-the-time news cycle.

The death carried an all-the-more-powerful message because Julius Caesar was famously merciful to defeated enemies.

Still there was something endearing about his total, damn-all-the-evidence conviction.

Not from this class, however, do your all-the-year-round bathers come.

And then Santa Barbara, peerless among all-the-year-round resorts.

It has durable imitation leather covering, metal parts are nickeled and it offers the daylight-all-the-way feature of the Kodaks.

Several recreation centers, all-the-year-round playgrounds, have been added since then.

Practice alone can make perfect, and experience is the more necessary because the cinematograph is an all-the-year-round machine.





All that glitters is not goldall the best