[ uh-ley-groh, uh-leg-roh; Italian ahl-le-graw ]
/ əˈleɪ groʊ, əˈlɛg roʊ; Italian ɑlˈlɛ grɔ /

adjective, adverb

brisk or rapid in tempo.

noun, plural al·le·gros.

an allegro movement.

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Origin of allegro

1625–35; < Italian < Latin alacer brisk. Cf. alacrity

Allegro, L'

[ lah-ley-groh, la- ]
/ lɑˈleɪ groʊ, læ- /

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British Dictionary definitions for allegro


/ (əˈleɪɡrəʊ, -ˈlɛɡ-) music /

adjective, adverb

(to be performed) quickly, in a brisk lively manner

noun plural -gros

a piece or passage to be performed in this manner

Word Origin for allegro

C17: from Italian: cheerful, from Latin alacer brisk, lively

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Word Origin and History for allegro


1680s as a musical term, from Italian allegro "cheerful, gay," from Latin alacrem (nominative alacer) "lively, cheerful, brisk" (see alacrity).

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Culture definitions for allegro


[ (uh-leg-roh, uh-lay-groh) ]

A brisk, lively musical tempo. Allegro is Italian for “cheerful.”

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