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[ uh-lahyd, al-ahyd ]


  1. joined by treaty, agreement, or common cause:

    allied nations.

  2. allied species.

    Synonyms: akin

  3. Allied, of or relating to the Allies.



/ ˈælaɪd /


  1. of or relating to the Allies



/ ˈælaɪd; əˈlaɪd /


  1. joined, as by treaty, agreement, or marriage; united
  2. of the same type or class; related
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Other Words From

  • nonal·lied adjective
  • preal·lied adjective
  • unal·lied adjective
  • well-al·lied adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of allied1

A Middle English word dating back to 1250–1300; ally, -ed 2
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Example Sentences

Moulton’s office provided few other specifics about that, other than to say it was an allied military plane.

These simple weapons caused more allied casualties than any other.

Aid access has been inconsistent, and in May the United Nations confirmed a CNN report that Ethiopian federal troops and allied forces were blocking humanitarian supplies from entering parts of Tigray — a charge the Ethiopian government has denied.

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That could give Youngkin, who has never held political office, a chance to define himself before McAuliffe and allied political action committees start trying to paint their own picture of the former Carlyle Group executive.

“When the board receives a complaint against a physician or allied health-care professional it oversees, the complaint is investigated,” board spokesman Carlos Villatoro said.

All in all, approximately 13,000 Allied POWs and 90,000 Asian laborers perished while working on the railway.

It would seek to cut off the main Allied lines of supply and communication.

Besides, victory fever had spread like wildfire throughout the Allied armies.

“Traditionally, the Republican Party supports traditional marriage,” said Alice Stewart, a GOP strategist allied with Huckabee.

Churchill would later say Turing made the single biggest contribution to allied victory.

But closely allied to this subject, and not inferior to it in importance, stands that of Industrial Training.

The plan of campaign was then arranged, and the Prince returned to command the allied forces in Northern Germany.

A feeling nearly allied to pride excited every one, but more especially those who crossed the line for the first time.

They are two Allied Armies working with me (or supposed to be working with me) against a common enemy.

With one of the sisters, who was allied to the nobility, she formed a strong friendship, which continued through life.





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