[ al-uh-suhn ]


  1. Donald Donnie, born 1939, and his brother, Robert ( Bobby ), born 1937, U.S. racing-car drivers.
  2. a first name, form of Alice.

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Example Sentences

It was important to Armstrong that in the flowery, multicamera format, it’s not clear that Allison is upset.

Meanwhile, artists like Allison will continue to build an archive for those least represented who deserve to take up their rightful space and tell their stories on their terms.

There have been reports that Johnson & Johnson has been targeted by North Korean hackers, but Allison said that doesn’t mean the attempts have been successful.

From Fortune

Going forward, Allison says Pacaso will move toward offering “enhanced personalization,” where your clothes will be arranged in the closet and your favorite wine is on the counter before you arrive.

From Fortune

As for Allison, he and his wife already own a second home in Lake Tahoe, but he doesn’t plan to divvy up shares given that he spends half the year there.

From Fortune

Then Allison went back to Pacey, and Noah went back to Nurse Abby from E.R.

Allison and Cole have lost a child, his family is shady, and his mother domineering.

Allison lives there with Cole (Joshua Jackson), her husband.

It boasted a star-studded cast, including Allison Williams and Christopher Walken, but ended up being pretty boring.

Allison Williams, Christopher Walken, and the cast of ‘Peter Pan Live!’

"I did not know Mr. Allison was married," were her first words.

I was in dem woods after rabbits, when I seed Massa Allison wid a musket, lying flat on his face in some high bushes.

To see the white-haired, patient-faced old musician surrounded by his young friends was a sight that Miss Allison never forgot.

The entrance of Miss Allison into the drawing room brought the young folks to their feet.

For once in his life Mr. William Allison Kingley seemed at a complete loss for words.