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[ al-uh-key-shuhn ]


  1. the state of being allocated.
  2. the share or portion allocated.
  3. Accounting. a system of dividing expenses and incomes among the various branches, departments, etc., of a business.

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Other Words From

  • al·lo·ca·tive adjective
  • de·al·lo·ca·tion noun
  • re·al·lo·ca·tion noun
  • sub·al·lo·ca·tion noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of allocation1

First recorded in 1525–35; from Medieval Latin allocātiōn- (stem of allocātiō ), equivalent to allocāt(us) ( allocate ) + -iōn- -ion
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Example Sentences

This latest allocation has been made possible by a deft use of capital markets—unprecedented in philanthropic history.

From Fortune

The survey showed that reserve managers have also increased their 10-year renminbi allocation targets to 5 percent, up almost 1 percentage point from last year.

From Ozy

The International Energy Agency said, upon this year’s release of its “Oil and Gas Industry in Energy Transitions” report, “there are few signs of the large-scale change in capital allocation needed to put the world on a more sustainable path.”

From Vox

So their inventory pacing into the retailer and then the retailer is putting those limits or allocations on for the consumer.

On issues that the public doesn’t much care about — like spectrum allocation and small-cell deployment.

That is, the mayor will be asked to vote on the budget allocation for the police department that is currently investigating him.

Its total budget allocation would amount to over a half a billion dollars.

Republicans are suggesting that states switch from winner-take-all to a district-by-district allocation of electoral votes.

In budgetary terms, it was a pittance: 0.1 percent of the CDC's $2.2 billion allocation.

Among other faults, it merely shifts the allocation for visas instead of increasing the total number.

The Ministry of All the Talents failed to justify its title in the planning of expeditions and the allocation of commanders.

The allocation of a fortune-telling aspect to these cards is the story of a prolonged impertinence.

Even in respect of the cost of rails, due to wear and tear of train movement, we are quite at sea in the allocation of expenses.

On the day which succeeded the allocation, the following entry appeared in the Glasgow share-lists.

As employers pile responsibility upon your husband, more and more care must be used in the allocation of time to social affairs.


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