[ uh-luhnj; French a-lawnzh ]
/ əˈlʌndʒ; French aˈlɔ̃ʒ /

noun, plural al·long·es [uh-luhn-jiz; French a-lawnzh] /əˈlʌn dʒɪz; French aˈlɔ̃ʒ/. Law.

a paper annexed to a negotiable instrument, for endorsements too numerous or lengthy to be contained in the original.

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Origin of allonge

1860–65; < French: lengthening; see lunge1


[ French a-lawn-zhey ]
/ French a lɔ̃ˈʒeɪ /

adjective Ballet.

performed with the body and one arm stretched forward: an arabesque allongé.

Origin of allongé

1660–70; < French: literally, extended, lengthened, past participle of allonger Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019