[ ăl′ə-sôrəs ]
allosaur (ălə-sôr′)

Any of various carnivorous dinosaurs of the genus Allosaurus of the late Jurassic and early Cretaceous Periods. Allosaurs were similar to but smaller than tyrannosaurs.
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Examples from the Web for allosaurus

  • When alive it was probably about half the bulk of the Allosaurus mentioned above.

    Extinct Monsters|H. N. Hutchinson
  • Immediately Nelson swiftly sighted at the other eye and fired, just as the allosaurus' shadow filled the threshold.

  • Some such type of skin as this, in default of better evidence, we may ascribe to the Allosaurus.

    Dinosaurs|William Diller Matthew
  • As compared with its predecessor Allosaurus, the Tyrannosaurus is much more massively proportioned throughout.

    Dinosaurs|William Diller Matthew