[ uh-lot ]
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verb (used with object),al·lot·ted, al·lot·ting.
  1. to divide or distribute by share or portion; distribute or parcel out; apportion: to allot the available farmland among the settlers.

  2. to appropriate for a special purpose: to allot money for a park.

  1. to assign as a portion; set apart; dedicate.

Origin of allot

First recorded in 1425–75; earlier alot, late Middle English alotten, from Middle French aloter, equivalent to a- a-5 + lot lot (from Germanic ) + -er infinitive suffix

synonym study For allot

1. See assign.

Other words from allot

  • al·lot·ta·ble, adjective
  • al·lot·ter, noun
  • mis·al·lot, verb (used with object), mis·al·lot·ted, mis·al·lot·ting.
  • pre·al·lot, verb (used with object), pre·al·lot·ted, pre·al·lot·ting.
  • re·al·lot, verb (used with object), re·al·lot·ted, re·al·lot·ting.

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How to use allot in a sentence

  • The cowardly agitator allots that task to the native soldiers when we shall have succeeded in seducing them from their allegiance.

    Life in an Indian Outpost | Gordon Casserly

British Dictionary definitions for allot


/ (əˈlɒt) /

verb-lots, -lotting or -lotted (tr)
  1. to assign or distribute (shares, etc)

  2. to designate for a particular purpose: money was allotted to cover expenses

  1. (foll by to) apportion: we allotted two hours to the case

Origin of allot

C16: from Old French aloter, from lot portion, lot

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