[ uh-loo-did ]


  1. mentioned or referred to, especially casually or indirectly; aforesaid:

    Your article about the construction tender was misleading, as the alluded issues fall under the Department of Building Services, not the Department of Geological Survey.

  2. suggested or hinted at:

    To intensify the plot, there's an alluded chemistry between the two that tests one's credulity, as she is a beautiful young student and he is a lean old man.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of allude ( def ).

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Example Sentences

In doing so, though, Pai alluded to a series of “tough choices” under his watch.

“I thought he’d run it back and prove everyone wrong,” Jensen said, alluding to the criticism Bjerg has received for his past performances at Worlds.

It’s not clear if anything has developed since to extend the deadline, but the court order didn’t allude to any new arrangement.

From Fortune

Ma has alluded to his ambivalent relationship with the state in the past.

From Fortune

As Pritchard alluded to, there’s a reluctance among advertisers to boot certain publishers — even for those that are accused of spreading hate and misinformation — from media plans because they’re worried the lost reach will be too costly to make up.

From Digiday

He wrote that he deserved to die and alluded to a ominous plan that he had backed out of twice already.

Unfortunately, these problems are merely alluded to—referenced as the important work that feminism does or can do.

She alluded to research on the topic, but did not provide any herself.

The extra layer of intrigue alluded to in that statement is that the WWE itself is an international brand.

Olson and Taylor-Johnson have alluded to some of the complexities in the Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver relationship.

The society newspapers for the week alluded to the matter in veiled, but unmistakable terms.

The axle, which is likewise of wood, is never greased, and thus causes the demoniacal kind of music to which I alluded.

In 1891 he went to London, where the circumstance of the visit of the two priests alluded to at p. 383 was related to him.

I have alluded to wine-drinking as a partly intellectual and partly physical enjoyment.

The power of Venus in causing rain is fully alluded to in Lenvoy to Scogan, st. 2.