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  1. having unlimited power; omnipotent, as God.
  2. having very great power, influence, etc.: The almighty press condemned him without trial.
  3. Informal. extreme; terrible: He's in an almighty fix.
  1. Informal. extremely: It's almighty hot.
  1. the Almighty, God.

Origin of almighty

before 900; Middle English; Old English ælmihtig, ealmihtig, equivalent to æl-, eal- all (cognate with Old Norse al- < *ol-o-) + mihtig (miht, meaht might2 + -ig -y1); cf. Alemanni
Related formsal·might·i·ly, adverbal·might·i·ness, noun

Synonyms for almighty

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British Dictionary definitions for almighty


  1. all-powerful; omnipotent
  2. informal (intensifier)an almighty row
  1. informal (intensifier)an almighty loud bang
Derived Formsalmightily, adverbalmightiness, noun


  1. the Almighty another name for God
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Word Origin and History for almighty

Old English ælmihtig "all-powerful," also a by-name of God; compound of æl (see all) + mihtig (see mighty); common Germanic (cf. Old Saxon alomahtig, Old High German alamahtic, German allmächtig, Old Norse almattigr), perhaps an early Germanic loan-translation of Latin omnipotens (see omnipotent).

The almighty dollar, that great object of universal devotion throughout our land." [Washington Irving, 1836]

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