Almoravid (ælˈmɔːrəvɪd)

/ (ælˈmɔːrəˌvaɪd) /
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a member of a fanatical people of Berber origin and Islamic faith, who founded an empire in N Africa that spread over much of Spain in the 11th century a.d



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The rainy weather could not ________ my elated spirits on my graduation day.
from Arabic al-murābitūn the holy ones
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  • And Hasham added, "Verily, the efreets bewitched the Almoravide when he exiled such a horseman!"

    God Wills It!|William Stearns Davis
  • The Almoravide rule rested very lightly on the Moslem population, but only for a short time.

    A History of Spain|Charles E. Chapman
  • They aimed to bear me in chains to Cordova, that the Almoravide might gloat over me alive, ere calling the headsman.

    God Wills It!|William Stearns Davis
  • He died in 1099, and at his death his territory was taken by Yussuf, the Almoravide.

    The Story of Seville|Walter M. Gallichan
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