[ uh-lon-zoh; Spanish ah-lawn-saw ]


  1. Alicia Alicia Ernestina de la Caridad del Cobre Martínez Hoyo, 1921–2019, Cuban ballerina.
  2. Dá·ma·so [dah, -mah-saw], 1898–1990, Spanish poet, critic, and philologist.
  3. Also Alonzo. a first name, Spanish form of Alphonso.

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Example Sentences

Francisco Lindor popped out, and Martinez had Alonso intentionally walked to load the bases for Daniel Vogelbach.

Alonso insisted she wasn’t the right person to speak to about the topic and said that the department had examined health trends and determined “allergies” were the contributing factor to the health problems Glades residents had been experiencing.

An interesting parallel for Alonso might be Schumacher,14 who returned to F1 in 2010 after three seasons away.

Further intrigue could come from deeper into the pack — from McLaren’s ongoing resurgence, Alpine’s Alonso experiment, Sebastian Vettel’s fresh start with Aston Martin and Ferrari’s quest to bounce back from its 2020 nightmare.

For good or potentially for bad, Alonso remains the biggest wild card of the 2021 season.

He was living under the alias Alonso Rivera Muñoz as a middling real estate developer and art collector in Querétaro.

Xabi Alonso, the Spanish midfielder who has had a tournament to forget (after only two games), was brusquely dispossessed.

Xabi Alonso scored from the spot, and one sensed that the Iberians, now in cruise-control, would win the game nonchalantly.

This information on Hernando Alonso comes from the trial records of the Spanish Inquisition.

Exceptions were the four daughters of the royal treasurer Alonso Estrada, the natural son, or so he claimed, of King Ferdinand.

Alonso de Molina and one companion were left in Tumbez at their own request, being much in love with the country.

Alonso de Molina and his companion had disappeared, and their fate was never learned.

The first who adventured was Alonso de Hojeda, a native of Cuenca.

Now he would go discovering on dry land, to Alonso de Ojeda's glee, glee indeed of many.

His most able lieutenant after 1636 was Alonso de Len, one of the founders and first citizens of Cadereyta.





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