[ awl-suhp ]


  1. Joseph W(right), 1910–1989, U.S. political journalist and writer.

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Example Sentences

The articulate Alsop is a charismatic protagonist, and her story makes for an inspiring and triumphant film about overcoming discrimination – and about pursuing your talent, against all odds.

Columnist Art Buchwald, then engaged in a long-running feud with Alsop, tore the photos up.

On a 1957 trip to Moscow, Alsop was entrapped by a handsome young KGB spy and the incident was caught on camera.

Prominent pro-war columnists like Joseph Alsop became laughingstocks.

Among them: Marin Alsop, conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and the Sao Paulo Symphony Orchestra.

Vincent Alsop died; a presbyterian clergyman, who attacked Dr. Sherlock with great wit and some seriousness.

Mr. Alsop was thought to be of good heart, but unequal, as Mr. Scott affirmed, "to the trust in point of abilities."

Then broke up and Mr. Alsop and his company came and consulted about our Tangier victualling and brought it to a good head.

I should find her a comfortable vessel, and he would oblige me with a letter to Captain Alsop.

Mr. Rowlet, ejected from Sudbury, in this county, appears to have united with Mr. Alsop in his labours.