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[ awl-tuh-rey-shuhn ]


  1. the act or process of altering; the state of being altered:

    Alteration will improve the dress.

  2. a change; modification or adjustment:

    There has been an alteration in our plans.


/ ˌɔːltəˈreɪʃən /


  1. an adjustment, change, or modification
  2. the act of altering or state of being altered

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Other Words From

  • preal·ter·ation noun
  • proal·ter·ation adjective
  • real·ter·ation noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of alteration1

First recorded in 1350–1400; Middle English alteracioun, from Medieval Latin alterātiōn-, stem of alterātiō; equivalent to alter + -ation

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Example Sentences

McClellan, the Senate sponsor, told the Times-Dispatch and ProPublica she was unaware of the alteration until the news organizations asked her about it, months after the bill passed.

They enter some kind of what’s called “disconnection state,” and they have a profound alteration of consciousness at high doses.

The DNA alterations act like bookmarks that help cells to quickly retrieve those genomic instructions and carry them out — not only “for the infection you saw the first time but any infection,” Netea said.

Nor have coaches made any alterations in their team strategies.

This stands true particularly for the e-commerce industry, which went through multiple changes during the three-month lockdown and continues to see more alterations even in the unlock phase.

From Quartz

But that pales in comparison to the biggest alteration—the ending.

Close was so distraught by the alteration that she initially refused to take part in the re-shoot.

Nor can they claim that this minor but mercilessly hyped alteration makes a serious dent in the deficit.

At first sight, this may seem but a minor alteration in tone, or nuance.

If they liked it, fine; if not, they would often suggest an alteration.

In any social movement, then, change and alteration in a new direction must be balanced against the demands of social stability.

In length there was no alteration, but the design seems more condensed, more compact, yet slightly wider in the opening.

The ground lately in the shaft has been cleaner killas, and if any alteration, better ground.

Indeed, I do not think that Coleridge made any alteration in the poem since its composition in 1797 and 1800.

If an alteration be required an experienced repairer only can know the kind of bar required.