[ al-troo-ist ]
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  1. a person unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others (opposed to egoist).

Origin of altruist

1865–70; <French altruiste;see altruism, -ist

Other words from altruist

  • hy·per·al·tru·ist, noun

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How to use altruist in a sentence

  • Having helped put Bush back in the White House, Warren returned to his more familiar role as a global altruist.

    Rick Warren's Double Life | Max Blumenthal | November 14, 2008 | THE DAILY BEAST
  • Egoists (with even thinner and weaker voices) denounce Him as an altruist.

    Orthodoxy | G. K. Chesterton
  • She was as yet an altruist in matters of the heart; she frankly and openly interested herself only in the loves of others.

  • Some of them believed him to be an altruist, while others, without evidence to support their views, regarded him with suspicion.

    Spring Street | James H. Richardson
  • He spoke of the Church and of its mission in the world, with all the hope of a religious altruist.

    Under the Prophet in Utah | Frank J. Cannon and Harvey J. O'Higgins
  • The egoist may love his wife, but this love is interested and very different from that of the altruist.

    The Sexual Question | August Forel