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[al-yuh-min-ee-uh m]
noun, adjective Chiefly British.
  1. aluminum.
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Historical Examples

  • The boat was in the shape of an enormous cigar, and was made of aluminium.

    A Master of Mysteries

    L. T. Meade

  • The aluminium disc is now struck between the dies by means of a hammer.

    On Laboratory Arts

    Richard Threlfall

  • It is estimated that aluminium composes about 8% of the earth's crust.

  • Name the various uses to which nickel, tin, lead, and aluminium are put.

    Commercial Geography

    Jacques W. Redway

  • This variety is composed of the oxides of aluminium and silicon with lime.

British Dictionary definitions for aluminium


US and Canadian aluminum (əˈluːmɪnəm)

  1. a light malleable ductile silvery-white metallic element that resists corrosion; the third most abundant element in the earth's crust (8.1 per cent), occurring only as a compound, principally in bauxite. It is used, esp in the form of its alloys, in aircraft parts, kitchen utensils, etc. Symbol: Al; atomic no: 13; atomic wt: 26.9815; valency: 3; relative density: 2.699; melting pt: 660.45°C; boiling pt: 2520°C
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Word Origin and History for aluminium

see aluminum.

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