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[ uh-luhm-nahy ]


  1. the plural of alumnus.

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Example Sentences

In 1989, he rejoined the Rangers front office, directing youth hockey clinics, leading the team’s alumni organization and attending every home game at Madison Square Garden, where he was constantly besieged for autographs.

The second most-popular link according to Facebook, after the one to the Green Bay Packers alumni site, is an affiliate link to a shop selling CBD vapes.

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The defiant governor was at odds with the university’s board of trustees, alumni council, and student legislature as well as local newspapers, all of whom were advocating that the university abide by the ruling of the court.

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We hoped our petition would encourage the school’s alumni council to rethink Barr’s award.

A 1982 graduate of Milton Hershey School, he served as chair of the alumni association before being elected a member of the school’s board in 2011.

The show has gone on as those alumni have gone on to great things.

A sobering article on gang rape inside a UVA fraternity has Wahoo alumni like myself up in arms.

The streets are packed with tailgaters that include not only current undergrads, but devoted alumni.

Everyone wanted to keep Winston on the field, racking up wins and alumni donations.

And selecting Samberg as host meant that, perhaps more than other SNL alumni, it was going to be more offbeat episode of SNL.

Occasionally, the Alumni of the college may elect some of the Trustees.

This board consists of thirty-two members, elected by the Alumni.

In 1413 King Ladislaus excepted the Salernian alumni and professors from all taxes, duties, and tribute.

Clemens attended a Yale alumni dinner that winter and incidentally visited Twichell in Hartford.

At the business meeting it was determined to begin an Alumni fund, in aid either of members of the Association or the College.


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What Is The Plural Of Alumni?

Plural word for alumni

Alumni is the plural form of the singular noun alumnus. The plurals of several other words ending in -us are also formed in this way, such as fungus/fungi and cactus/cacti

Irregular plurals that are formed like alumni derive directly from their original pluralization in Latin. Specifically, alumnus is the masculine singular form in Latin and alumni is the masculine plural form. The feminine singular form in Latin is alumna and the feminine plural form is alumnae. Sometimes, this distinction is carried over into English. However, alumnus and alumni are both commonly used in a gender-neutral way in English.

Alumni is sometimes treated as a singular noun. However, this is not considered valid in standard English, and alumni should be treated as a plural form.

Alumni Vs. Alumnus Vs. Alum Vs. Alumna Vs. Alumnae

What’s the difference between alumni and alumnus?

An alumnus is a graduate of a school, such as a high school or university. The plural of alumnus is alumni (which follows the plural ending construction used in other Latin-derived words, like stimulus and stimuli).

In Latin, alumnus specifically refers to a male graduate, and sometimes this distinction is carried into English, with alumna being used to refer to a female graduate. The plural of alumna is alumnae.

Still, alumnus and alumni are both commonly used in a gender-neutral way.

The informal shortening alum is used to refer to a single graduate (regardless of gender). It’s sometimes pluralized as alums.

Here’s an example of alumni and alumnus used correctly in the same sentence.

Example: As an alumnus, you share something with all of the alumni, regardless of when each of you graduated. 

Want to learn more? Read the full breakdown of the difference between alumni and alumnus.

Quiz yourself on alumni vs. alumnus!

Should alumni or alumnus be used in the following sentence?

The five-year reunion is usually well attended by _____.