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[al-vuh; Spanish ahl-vah]
  1. Also Alba. Fer·nan·do Al·va·rez de To·le·do [fer-nahn-daw ahl-vah-reth th e taw-le-th aw] /fɛrˈnɑn dɔ ˈɑl vɑˌrɛθ ðɛ tɔˈlɛ ðɔ/, Duke of,1508–82, Spanish general who suppressed a Protestant rebellion in the Netherlands in 1567.
  2. a male or female given name.
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Historical Examples of alva

  • Schn points his revolver at Rodrigo; Rodrigo signs to him to point it at Alva.

    Erdgeist (Earth-Spirit)

    Frank Wedekind

  • Alva, demand what you will, only don't let me fall into the hands of justice.

  • Alva is at lower right, filling two glasses with red wine and champagne.

  • I have asked Alva to stop with me here for a few days, she said, formally.

  • But to the pressure of Alva and Mary was now added the pressure of Rome.

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  1. Duke of, title of Fernando Alvarez de Toledo. 1508–82, Spanish general and statesman who suppressed the Protestant revolt in the Netherlands (1567–72) and conquered Portugal (1580)
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