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noun Irish.
  1. fool1.
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Origin of amadan

< Irish amadán, diminutive (with suffix -án) of amaid a foolish woman < *anmedy witless (< *an-man-t-i; cf. mental1), crossed with *ameth (< *ambi-bito-; compare Old Irish baéth foolish) very foolish
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Examples from the Web for amadan

Historical Examples

  • Aren't you the amadan to be biting the tongue between your teeth?

    John Splendid

    Neil Munro

  • The Amadan was angry with them, and ordered them off instantly.

  • And she told the Amadan that his only chance was to hit this spot.

  • The Amadan struck at him with his sword, and the sword glanced off as it might off steel.

  • He asked the Amadan who he was, and what he had done to have the impudence to come there and meet him.