[ uh-mal-guh-meyt ]
/ əˈmæl gəˌmeɪt /

verb (used with object), a·mal·ga·mat·ed, a·mal·ga·mat·ing.

to mix or merge so as to make a combination; blend; unite; combine: to amalgamate two companies.
Metallurgy. to mix or alloy (a metal) with mercury.

verb (used without object), a·mal·ga·mat·ed, a·mal·ga·mat·ing.

to combine, unite, merge, or coalesce: The three schools decided to amalgamate.
to blend with another metal, as mercury.

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Origin of amalgamate

1635–45 amalgam + -ate1

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/ (əˈmælɡəˌmeɪt) /


to combine or cause to combine; unite
to alloy (a metal) with mercury
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Word Origin and History for amalgamate



1650s, back-formation from amalgamation, or from adjective amalgamate (1640s) from amalgam. Originally in metallurgy; figurative sense of "to unite" (races, etc.) is attested from 1802. Related: Amalgamated; amalgamating. Earlier verb was amalgamen (1540s).

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