[ uh-man-duh ]


  1. a first name: from a Latin word meaning “beloved.”

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Example Sentences

Considerate, dutiful Felix tells Amanda to leave to escape blame and phones the police.

Amanda and I started Project Seahorse together, using this charismatic species to tackle big ocean issues.

Amanda squirts a drop of superglue to the base of the organoid and affixes it to the metallic plate of the vibratome.

The blades are lowered with an electric-razor hum and the machine takes the thinnest sliver off the top, almost impossible to see until Amanda, using tweezers, scoops it off.

One of my favorite movies is The Holiday, where Iris and Amanda exchange homes for Christmas vacation.

By Amanda Woerner for Life by DailyBurn Butter is making a comeback—and it has nothing to do with Paula Deen.

Ultimately, the Italian courts and Italian-American extradition agreements may decide the fate of Amanda Knox.

The case of Amanda Knox has captivated readers on both sides of the Atlantic for seven years.

Amanda came home to largely welcoming American arms, her case held up as an example of hostility to Americans abroad.

First of all, although it was inspired by the Amanda Knox case, mine is a completely different story.

Amanda blushed, for the proffer of a buggy ride was not without definite significance in that region.

Mr. Page followed, his hair wildly erect, and he conversed with Miss Amanda hurriedly.

He had had no experience of the chastening rod, and could not conceive that anything of the sort was needed for Amanda.

This elegant composition was unfortunately not appreciated by Amanda, who, to tell the truth, was highly displeased.

Bramsen and Amanda were alarmed at the way she took it, and endeavoured to console her as best they could.





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