[ uh-meyz ]
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verb (used with object),a·mazed, a·maz·ing.
  1. to overwhelm with surprise or sudden wonder; astonish greatly: It will never cease to amaze me how fast children grow.She was amazed that someone could be serious about something so incredibly absurd.

  2. Obsolete. to bewilder; perplex.

verb (used without object),a·mazed, a·maz·ing.
  1. to cause amazement: The museum has a new art show that delights and amazes.

  1. Archaic. amazement.

Origin of amaze

First recorded before 1000; from Middle English amasen, from Old English āmasian “to confuse, stun, astonish,” equivalent to a-3, + unattested *masian “to confuse”; cf. maze

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1. See surprise.

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How to use amaze in a sentence

  • His powerful logic would surprise,amaze, and much delight: He proved that dimness of the eyesWas hurtful to the sight.

  • Three strides took Andrews to the spot, and there he halted in amaze with a little exclamation of astonishment.

    The Tigress | Anne Warner
  • "Madam, I am not disputing your word," cried poor Jack, in amaze at her angry vehemence.

    A Dreadful Temptation | Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller
  • They did not know they were glimpsing the first outcroppings of a genius that would one day amaze and entertain the nations.

  • She hid them quickly in the folds of her cloak, and all the while the expression of amaze and fear on her face did not abate.

    High Noon | Anonymous

British Dictionary definitions for amaze


/ (əˈmeɪz) /

  1. to fill with incredulity or surprise; astonish

  2. an obsolete word for bewilder

  1. an archaic word for amazement

Origin of amaze

Old English āmasian

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