[ am-ber-grees, -gris ]
/ ˈæm bərˌgris, -grɪs /
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an opaque, ash-colored secretion of the sperm whale intestine, usually found floating on the ocean or cast ashore: used in perfumery.
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Origin of ambergris

1375–1425; <Middle French ambre gris gray amber (see amber); replacing late Middle English imbergres
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How to use ambergris in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for ambergris

/ (ˈæmbəˌɡriːs, -ˌɡrɪs) /

a waxy substance consisting mainly of cholesterol secreted by the intestinal tract of the sperm whale and often found floating in the sea: used in the manufacture of perfumes

Word Origin for ambergris

C15: from Old French ambre gris grey amber
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Scientific definitions for ambergris

[ ămbər-grĭs′, -grēs′ ]

A yellow, gray, or black waxy material formed in the intestines of sperm whales that consists of a mixture of steroid derivatives. It is often found floating at sea or washed ashore, has a pleasant odor, and is added to perfumes as a fixative to slow down the rate of evaporation.
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