[uh-meel-yuh-rey-shuhn, uh-mee-lee-uh-]


an act or instance of ameliorating or making better; the state of being ameliorated or made better: the amelioration of working conditions.
something that ameliorates; an improvement.

Origin of amelioration

First recorded in 1790–1800; ameliorate + -ion

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the act or an instance of ameliorating or the state of being ameliorated
something that ameliorates; an improvement
Also called: elevation linguistics (of the meaning of a word) a change from pejorative to neutral or positively pleasant. The word nice has achieved its modern meaning by amelioration from the earlier sense foolish, silly
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Word Origin and History for amelioration

1650s, from French amélioration, from Old French ameillorer (12c.), from a "to" (see ad-) + meillior (Modern French meìlleur) "to better," from Late Latin meliorare "improve," from Latin melior "better," perhaps originally "stronger," and related to Greek mala "very, very much," from PIE *mel- "strong, great" (see multi-).

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